• +I would like to use an image of an artwork by Niki for my publication. Who do I contact for permission?

    The Niki Charitable Art Foundation holds the copyright to Niki de Saint Phalle’s artworks, regardless of who owns specific works of art. If you already have an image of the artwork you want to use, please send the PDF layout to archives@nikidesaintphalle.org for visual approval. The NCAF works together with ADAGP and its sister societies all over the world and needs to be contacted for any publication of Niki’s art. ADAGP will assess whether licensing fees are due and acts on behalf of the NCAF to collect penalties if publications have been made without permission. Link: http://www.adagp.fr/fr/adagp/organisation/contacts
  • +I want to buy a piece of art by Niki. Who do I contact?

    The NCAF does not sell artwork to the public. Please contact any of our associated and recommended galleries.
  • +I have a Nana. Is it a real one?

    The NCAF is currently establishing a Catalogue Raisonné of Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nanas to make identifying genuine made by Niki easier. If questions remain, you may contact the NCAF Archives at archives@nikidesaintphalle.org.
  • +I want to have my artwork by Niki appraised. How do I go about this?

    The NCAF does not assist in appraising artwork. You may contact any of our associated and recommended galleries or the appraisal department of a renowned auction house.
  • +I am looking for a high resolution image of an artwork by Niki de Saint Phalle. Where can I find this?

    The NCAF Archives have a large collection of high resolution images of Niki de Saint Phalle’s artworks. These images are available for loan for a fee, and a loan agreement for the use of the image will have to be signed with the NCAF. Furthermore, in many cases, permission of the photographer has to be obtained. You may send an email to archives@nikidesaintphalle.org with your inquiry allowing ample time for processing the request. Please note that we do not have images of all of Niki de Saint Phalle’s artworks available.
  • +Can I buy Niki merchandise, such as T-shirts, posters, postcards, notecards, etc. from the Foundation?

    The Foundation does not sell these products directly, but licenses the reproduction of Niki de Saint Phalle’s work to selected companies for use on various products. Potential producers of Niki merchandise should contact the NCAF Archives at archives@nikidesaintphalle.org . Items available for purchase from the various companies are posted here.
  • +Where can I see Niki’s public art?

    All public work to our knowledge is mapped with information here. If you know if public artworks by Niki that are missing, feel free to contact the NCAF Archives at archives@nikidesaintphalle.org.
  • +Does the NCAF consider donating artwork to auctions or charity functions?

    The NCAF has throughout the years donated selected works to benefit institutions and charities that are promoting Niki de Saint Phalle as an artist and her oeuvre.
  • +Is there a descriptive catalogue for all of Niki de Saint Phalle’s artwork?

    In 2000 Niki published the first volume of a Catalogue Raisonné describing her early work throughout the early 90’s for any wall pieces, including her infamous Tirs. The NCAF is currently compiling and updating information for a Catalogue Raisonné on Nanas. This project is scheduled to go online with public access in 2015.
  • +I have some Niki artwork in my possession. How do I donate it?

    Collectors that wish to donate artwork to the NCAF or seek help in locating a suitable collection for their Niki work please send an email to archives@nikidesaintphalle.org.
  • +Does the NCAF offer any type of academic program for university credit.

    The Foundation is currently in the process of setting up an academic program for university credit with San Diego colleges.
  • +Does NCAF offer Artist Residency or curatorial programs?

  • +Can I use information from the website?

    All images and information on the website are under copyright and credited as such on their respective page. Unauthorized use or duplication of material without express permission from the Niki Charitable Art Foundation is strictly prohibited. Content and images may only be used for educational and non-profit purposes. Full credit must given to the Niki Charitable Art Foundation with specific direction to the original content cited.

Photo: Niki working in her studio, Soisy-sur-École.