The Tarot Garden Foundation holds the copyright to the Tarot Garden’s artworks, regardless of who owns specific works of art. If you already have an image of the artwork you want to use, please send the PDF layout to for visual approval.

If you don't have any images, and would like us to send you some , you can write to us at this address detailing your publication project. These images are available for loan for a fee, and a loan agreement for the use of the image will have to be signed with the Tarot Garden Foundation. Furthermore, in many cases, permission of the photographer has to be obtained.
For all other works by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle, please contact the Niki Charitable Art Foundation that holds the copyright to Niki de Saint Phalle’s artworks:
The Tarot Garden and the Niki Charitable Art Fouandation works together with ADAGP and its sister societies all over the world and needs to be contacted for any publication of Niki de Saint Phalle’s artwork. ADAGP will assess whether licensing fees are due and acts on behalf of the Niki Charitable Art Foundation to collect penalties if publications have been made without permission.

Can I use information from the website?

All images and information on the website are under copyright and credited as such on their respective page. Unauthorized use or duplication of material without express permission from the Tarot Garden Foundation is strictly prohibited. Content and images may only be used for educational and non-profit purposes. Full credit must given to the Tarot Garden Foundation with specific direction to the original content cited.