The Foundation

The Tarot Garden Foundation

Niki de Saint Phalle always considered the Tarot Garden as her life work.

For more than 20 years, Saint Phalle worked tirelessly creating and building the sculptures going as far as inhabiting years inside the Empress. She found various ways to pay for its creation in total independence, through her work. Throughout her years  in the Maremma, she created a local team mostly still active today. She also invited a small selection of artists to participate.

Niki de Saint Phalle imagined and conceived an « esoteric promenade between nature and culture ». In order to preserve her Tarot Garden, she created a foundation in 1999, designated personally the members of the board and clearly fixed its mission : preservation !

As per Saint Phalle’s wishes, the designated holder of her moral rights became the president of the Tarot Garden upon her death.
The Board of directors meets at least once a year.

The main missions of the Foundation are :
“To preserve and maintain the spirit of the whole and the works of which it is composed for future generation fin the state in which it will be at the moment of her death”.
“To open the museum to the public”.
“To ensure the management and maintenance of the whole.”.