Cultural events – Summer 2020

Cultural events – Summer 2020: A selection

    - CREMONA QUARTET music by Puccini, Beethoven: 25 July - EVENING OF JAZZ MUSIC curated by the record company GIANDO MUSIC: Date to be defined
  • CINEMA in the SQUARE
    – CINE LUX: 25 July/ 1, 6, 13 August
    cinema review with screening of the winning films of the LUX FILM PRIZE competition announced by the European Parliament. - 6 July - 14 August: cinema review curated by the Capalbio Giovani association every
    – GLASSES OF STARS : 10 August
    – CAPALBIO LIBRI meetings with the authors - INTERNATIONAL CAPALBIO PIAZZA MAGENTA AWARD to the most significant books of 2020 in the different categories
  • CONTEMPORARY ART By Il Frantoio info : FACEBOOK il Frantoio restaurant and art in Capalbio/ / +393357504436
    -AUGMENTED LIBERTY widespread exhibition in the village of Capalbio with works in AUGMENTED REALITY, exhibition of the originals in the Galleria Il Frantoio and in the Castle of Capalbio from 15 July to the end of August.
    information-ART&WINE installations and sculptures in the 7 cellars of Capalbio from 5 September to 1 November with the possibility of tours and tastings
  • DJ SET_ PERFORMANCE with artists in the Galleria il Frantoio