Visit instructions


  1. The interpersonal safety distance for the prevention of COVID-19 infection is 1 meter. Where possible it is recommended to maintain a distance of 1.8 meters.
  2. Visitors can enter only with a protective mask (required over 6 years of age), which covers the nose and mouth. In addition, it is mandatory to disinfect your hands with the available sanitizer or to use disposable gloves.
  3. Admission can only take place in the absence of a fever (temperature below 37.5 degrees): visitors may therefore be subjected to a measurement of body temperature by the staff.
  4. Access to the Tarot Garden can be regulated and contingent in quantity and frequency.
  5. For every space and environment open to the public, the Tarot Garden organizes the entry flows according to the requirementsthe social distance indications.
  6. Prefer your credit card to cash when paying for your ticket.
  7. In the bookshop, for the consultation of books and to allow to handle all other items, the use of disposable gloves is mandatory. However, it is possible to view a sample of the products and tell the salesperson which item you want to buy.
  8. TG staff are also responsible for verifying and ensuring that the social distance is maintained. It is very important to collaborate in accordance with the rules and directions of the staff to ensure everyone a serene, enjoyable and conscious visit in the Museum Park: it is an opportunity to admire The Tarot Garden in a context of pleasant tranquility.